Let me paint you a world picture.

It's Saturday night, and all you want to do is have some fun and blow off some steam after a hard week at work, but all your mates are either having a night in or hanging out with their misses.

What should you do?

Well, Tams on 45 is here for you so don't worry, but why should you spend your Saturday night with us? It's a good question and one that deserves an answer.

Here is why you should come to visit us.

Guaranteed fun

All you want is to have a fun night, and here at Tams on 45 you can have just that by hanging out with our amazing girls who will give you their full attention, and we will cater to any desire or need you have so there is no need to be shy or withdrawn.

Come and have a great night of fun that you will never forget or regret.

Relaxing atmosphere

Our girls are trained in how to make a man feel completely at ease and comfortable inside our club, so whether you've just had a hard week at work or just want to relax then, we're the perfect place for you to unwind.

Great way to build self-confidence

Talking to attractive women can be very intimidating if you haven't had much practice, which can lead to low self-confidence, but our girls can help with that and are great practice for the real thing.

They will make you feel comfortable when talking to them and will even give you tips about what you should and shouldn't do in the future.

An ever-changing roster of girls

If you have visited us before and didn't find a girl you liked, then I strongly encourage you to give us a second try, because our roster of girls does change because we know men like variety so come back, and you might find a girl you like.

There's no place like Tams on 45

Although there are other places you can go, none of them will treat you like we do because we genuinely value our clients and want them to have a good time here at Tams on 45. No other establishment offers you what we can.

Tams on 45 is the gold standard of the adult entertainment industry, and we're continually trying new things and ways to make our business better, and we will not settle for second best because we know our club and our girls can't be beaten.

If reading this has piqued your interest then head on over to our website and browse our list of girls and services to see if any of them fit your preference, and if you have any other questions then call us on (02) 4288 0793.