It's been such a long hard week at work, but finally, it's Friday, and you can finally relax and unwind after working all week long.

What's the best way to unwind after such a long work week? You could go out for a few bevs with the boys, but you've done that every Friday for the past month, and to be honest it's starting to get a bit old. You don't just want to sit at home either because you want to do something fun and exciting to relieve all the stress that's built up over the past week.

If you find yourself in need of a good time where you can relax, unwind and just enjoy your time there, then Tams on 45 is the place to be.

Here are just a handful of the things we offer at our establishment

Gorgeous girls

There's no denying that everyone loves looking at beautiful girls, but you usually must be discrete when doing so, but not at Tams because our girls are used to be looked at and welcome it. So, if you just want a place to have a few drinks and see some gorgeous ladies, then Tams is the place for you.

Fun atmosphere

We want our clients to feel entirely at ease here, so our girls are experts at keeping the atmosphere fun and engaging for everyone, so you don't need to worry about feeling awkward or insecure here, all you need to do is focus on having a good time.

Topless waitresses

Ever fantasized about a hot and topless girl serving you an ice-cold beer after a long day at work? Well, good news for you pal because at Tams that's one of the many services our talented girls perform.

Erotic shows

Strippers are cool and all but maybe you want something a little more spicy, sexy and unique, and Tams has just that with many of our girls experienced in giving amazing erotic shows that will leave you drooling and wanting more.

Girlfriend Experience

Dating these days is so hard with swipe culture being the big thing now it's almost impossible to meet someone out in public, so why not cut the middleman out and come to Tams where you can receive the full girlfriend experience for some experienced women.


All this sounds pretty good when you come in alone, but everything is better with friends, so bring the boys with you, our girls provide group entertainment for any type of occasion.

Finding good quality adult entertainment in Wollongong is hard, but Tams on 45 makes it easy with our straightforward service and friendly attitude towards our clients.

Our website is full of all the different services we can provide as well as a page devoted to our girl's which includes their sizes, kinks and prices, so there is no guesswork involved.

Call us on (02) 42880793 to book a party or just drop by after work to unwind and have a good time.