Ok, let's all be honest here, "brothel" is kind of a dirty word and has a significant social stigma that goes along with it but do you really know what goes on in a brothel and why they exist?

Prostitution has always been said to be the worlds oldest profession, and while this may not be the truth, it is most definitely one of the longest-running professions and has continued to evolve through the centuries and has gone through many changes. The current stage is the brothel stage and seems to be liked by both the girls and the customers.

Why is this current incarnation of prostitution so liked? Well here are a few reasons why.

Safety for the girls

The main benefit of brothels is that the girls have a much better working environment with bouncers at the doors denying entry to those they feel are unsafe, and strict requirements for the customers that do get in such as mandatory condoms to help prevent STI's and pregnancy.

Safety for the customers

We should always think of the girls first, but we also need to think of the customer's safety as well, so the girls are regularly tested for any STIs to protect the customers.


A big misconception is that brothels are illegal, and this is sometimes brought up by the media or conservative political groups, but the fact is in NSW brothels are 100% legal and have been for a while.


It goes without saying that some customers don't want to have any physical evidence they were with a prostitute, so most brothels have measures in place to protect a customer’s identity and make it hard to prove you were there. This is done through secure and hidden parking areas plus secret entrances that are hidden away from the public eye.


If you have a specific fetish or are only attracted to one type of girl, it would take you ages to go driving around streets looking for prostitutes that match what you were looking for. At a brothel, all the girls are there in one place and in the case of Tams on 45 have all the girls listed on our website and include bios that tell you about the girl and what she is into which just makes the experience so much easier.

There are so many reasons why brothels are a great place to explore your sexual desires or just unwind after a hard day, and although different groups try to sway people’s opinion about them, the fact is they're the best way to enjoy some quality adult entertainment.

If you're looking for a brothel or just some adult entertainment in Wollongong, then Tams on 45 is the place for you, with our range of girls and all the services we provide it's easy to see why we're the number one source for adult entertainment.

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