So your mate is getting married, and you want to throw him a night that you and your friends will never forget but aren't sure what to do.

You could go and play paintball, go bowling or just have a few beers at the pub but is that really what you want your mates last night of bachelorhood to be like?

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Here are just some of the things we offer at Tams on 45

Gorgeous girls

All the girls at Tams on 45 are just plain beautiful and are great at what they do and enjoy it so don't worry they're having a good time to. Forget about the sixes you're used to because our girls are all tens.


What would a bucks night be without strippers? Just a regular old night but at Tams on 45, we have multiple strippers that will leave you drooling and wanting more.

Topless waitresses

Have you ever wanted to be served an ice cold beer by a busty, curvy and topless waitress? Then we have you covered here, so enjoy your beverage of choice as you get served by the most gorgeous girl you'll ever see.


Maybe you got a little excited after seeing the topless waitress and strippers and want to have a bit more fun. Lucky for you we also have escorts at our establishment, and they all have their own tastes and kinks so whatever you're in the mood for they will be up for it.


They aren't just in porn movies they're an actual thing, and we have them here so whether you're looking for a hand or some oral support we've got it here.

Multiple rooms

We understand that everyone is different so we have various rooms that will suit everyone from the guy who wants to be dominated, to a group that just wants to watch some strippers and have a few dinks. We have it all here so whatever you're in the mood for we have it.


We understand that some of the guys in your group may have girlfriends or wives that don't want them going to our type of establishment, well tell them not to worry as we have secluded parking and a secret entrance so no one will see you here.

Our goal is to provide the best adult entertainment in Wollongong and bring you the best-looking girls in the area for you to enjoy. Some of our girls even do outcalls, so maybe you'd rather have a stripper perform in your house.

We guarantee satisfaction here at Tams on 45 and want to let you experience your deepest desires and also have a good night with your mates. To book an appointment or ask a question call us on (02) 42880793